Brentwood Parade Committee


​The Brentwood Parade Committee is an independent community organization founded in 1969 by the Honorable Michael J. Grant for the purpose of organizing the Brentwood St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Brentwood Memorial Day Parade. While the St. Patrick’s Day Parade not only celebrates the Irish Saint venerated in both the Catholic and Protestant churches, the parade has grown to celebrate the diverse culture and community spirit that makes up Brentwood.  The Memorial Day Parade and Services honor Brentwood’s service men and women who died in the line of duty from the Civil War to present. The Brentwood Parade Committee works in cooperation with the Brentwood American Legion Joseph Loeffler Post 1006 and the Brentwood Veterans of Foreign Wars Robert Donley Post 6431 for the planning and development of the Memorial Day Parade and Service. 

Parades, both formal and informal in Brentwood, date as far back as the late 19th Century, with the earliest formal parade in Brentwood taking place in 1890 for the grand opening of the Austral Hotel. Patriotic parades and events continued for two years thereafter until the hotel closed.  Brentwood’s first annual parade was the Brentwood Independence Day Parade which dates as far back as 1913, but was later discontinued. Memorial Day observances in Brentwood date at least as far back to 1907 when the holiday was called Decoration Day, with the first parade beginning in either 1920 or 1921.

Mr. Grant founded the Brentwood Parade Committee, composed of concerned and active community leaders, to help plan and organize these community events.  For many years, the Brentwood St. Patrick’s Day Parade was one of the only such celebrations in Suffolk County, and thus was among the largest, making the Brentwood St. Patrick’s Day Parade one of the oldest continuously operating parades in the county. The Memorial Day Parade is the oldest continuously operating parade in Brentwood. 

Today the Brentwood Parade Committee is still composed of community leaders, is the organizational force behind these community events and is headed by Michael J. Grant, Jr.  All community groups and organizations, whether they are from Brentwood or not, are welcome to participate in our St. Patrick’s Day or Memorial Day Parades.

The Committee is a 501(c)(3) organization which holds fundraisers throughout the year to sustain these parades. The annual Car Show and Grand Marshal luncheon are two events which help support the Committee. Other events are being planned. Donations to the Brentwood Parade Committee are tax deductible as allowed by law.